Swadhar Greh:


  •  To provide immediate shelter, food, clothing and care to women in crisis.
  •  To arrange for specific clinical, legal support in coordination with Local/ State administration.
  •  To coordinate in rehabilitating women in crisis.

    Target Group:

  • Widows deserted by their families and relatives.
  •  Women prisoners not accepted by the families.
  •  Women survivors of natural calamity.
  •  Trafficked women/girls rescued from brothels.
  •  Women victims of terrorist violence.
  •  Mentally challenged women.
  •  Women with HIV/AIDS & deserted by their family.
  •  Any other category of women who are in distress. The detailed list of Swadhar Shelter Homes in the State .

    Facilities provided in the Swadhar Shelter Homes

  • Provision for food, shelter and clothing for the women and their children below the age of 18 years free of cost.
  •  Counselling for the women in difficult circumstances.
  •  Clinical, Legal and other support for women in difficult circumstances.
  •  Training for the economic empowerment and rehabilitation of such women.
  •  Helpline facilities.



  •  To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation through social mobilisation and involvement of local communities, awareness programmes, workshops/seminars and other innovative activity.
  •  To facilitate the rescue of victims from the place of their exploitation and place them in safe custody.
  •  To provide rehabilitation services, both immediate and long-term to the victims by providing basic amenities/needs such as shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment including counselling, legal aid and guidance and vocational training.
  •  To facilitate the reintegration of the victims into the family and society at large.
  •  To facilitate repatriation of cross-border victims to their country of origin

    Target group:-

    Women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.
    The contact details of the Helpline at the office of the Principal Resident Commissioner in Odisha Bhawan, New Delhi is as follows:-
    Tel – 011 24679201 (Ext 4003), 011-23792002 (Direct)
    Fax – 011-23010839/23013135
    e-mail – / /

Prohibition of Child Marriage:

      The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 is an act to provide for the prohibition of solemnization of child marriages and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Child means a person , if male, has not completed twenty-one years of age and if female, has not completed eighteen years of age.

Duties and functions of Child Marriage Prohibition Officer:-

  •  To act immediately upon any information of the solemnization of any child marriage that may be received through any mode of communication including writing or oral i.e. through a letter, telephone, telegram, e-mail, etc. or by any other means to initiate all necessary action.
  •  To furnish quarterly return and statistics to the Chief Child Marriage Prohibition Officer in Form I.
  •  To file petition for annulling a child marriage in the district court, if the petitioner is a minor.
  •  To file petition before the district court to pay maintenance to the female contracting party of the marriage until her re-marriage.
  •  To file the petition to the district court for the custody and maintenance of children of the child marriage.