03 Kms away from the Duduma water fall, a small village called Onukadelli drawn the attraction of foreign tourists to its weekly market day on Thursday where the Neolithic tribe Bonda come from inaccessible forest for better purposes. It is 90 Kms away from Koraput.

  • Subai
  • Tribal Museum
  • Sabara Shrikhetra Koraput
  • Maliguda
  • Kolab
  • Kathi Dance
  • Subai Koraput
  • Tribal Museum Koraput
  • Sabara Shrikhetra
  • Maliguda tunnel
  • Kolab Reservoir
  • KathiDance

How to Reach:

By Road

ONUKADELLI is 90 Kms away from Koraput.