Sabar Sreekhetra


Koraput is situated at 2900 ft. above sea level amidst green hills.The panoramic view of the town and its salubrious climate makes it an attractive health resort. Nature speaks a variety of languages which the lover of nature translates into joy. The breath taking scenery brings heaven to earth. Sabar Srikhetra the Jagannath Temple Perched atop a hillock adds the importance of this place. The tribal museum adjoining to it, projects the rare cultural heritage of the tribals of this region.

  • Subai
  • Tribal Museum
  • Sabara Shrikhetra
  • Maliguda
  • Kolab
  • Kathi Dance
  • Subai Koraput
  • Tribal Museum Koraput
  • Sabara Shrikhetra Koraput
  • Maliguda tunnel
  • Kolab Reservoir
  • KathiDance