Jeypore, the city of victory is the largest town in the district and home to royal family is steeped in history. The old fort is encircled by high masonany wall with an imposing gateway. Towards the eastern part of the town is a big tank called Jagannath sagar attracts for water sports. It is 22 Kms away from Koraput.

  • Jagnnath Sagar Jeypore
  • Vikram Dev Statue
  • Siva Mandir
  • Jagannath Temple Jeypore
  • Raj Mahal Jeypore
  • Surya Mahal Jeypore
  • JagnnathSagar Jeypore
  • VikramDev Statue
  • SivaMandir
  • JagannathTemple Jeypore
  • RajMahal Jeypore
  • SuryaMahal Jeypore

How to Reach:

By Train

7 Km from Jeypore railway station

By Road

Jeypore is 22 Kms away from Koraput.