Police Obejctive

The most important duties of the Police are the prevention of crime and the maintenance of law and order.

  1. To ensure safety and security of the people
  2. To maintain Law and order in time of emergency.
  3. To detect Crime and Criminals
  4. To protect Law of the Land.
  5. To ensure safety and security of vital installations including historical monuments.
  6. To maintain communal harmony.
  7. To safeguard and protect the down trodden/ weaker section people of the society.
  8. To ensure safety and security of the VVIPs visiting the district.
  9. To work impartially, firmly and politely without fear and favour.
  10. To provide immediate relief/ Assistants to the victims
  11. To rescue the missing child and their rehabilitation.
  12. To prevent trafficking.

Being Koraput Dist. is a worst affective District by C.P.I. Maoists movements Priority is being accentuated to maintain Law and Order in naxal affected areas. Apart from this regular Anti Naxal Operation is being conducted to check the frequent movement of Naxal. Steps are being taken to provide adequate assistants and environment to ensure completion of various development works in remote areas of this district. Due to remarkable efforts made by the Dist. Police, a large numbers of innocent tribal people came to know the existing policies of the Govt. Of Odisha are framed for up liftmen of the tribal people and they promised to join the main stream of the society.

Not only Koraput Dist. Police is performing the Policing system/ Law and order duty/ ANO, but also steps are being taken to implement community policing system in remote villages of this district by means of organising sports/ Health Camps/ distribution of sports items/ cultural activities in regular manner in each year to keep a friendly relation with the general public.

Recently w.e.f. 01.04.2013 Community Policing system in the form of AMA POLICE is being started functioning actively in Koraput Town Police limit, Kotpad Police Station limit and Semiliguda Police Station limit. Steps are being taken for implementation of the objectives and to establish a good policing system in the jurisdiction/ furthering cooperation and mutual understanding between Police and the Community/ Furthering security related mutual cooperation among citizenry. As on date Ama Police Samiti are already constituted in all Police Stations limit of Koraput District, Monthly meeting with the Samiti members are being organised to achieve the very purpose of launching of the community policing Ama Police.

To ensure proper implementation of 108 Ambulance service all Police Station are being sensitized to render necessary cooperation as and when required.

The Staffs of D.I.B. / All Police Stations/ Reserve Police Office are sensitized to attend any eventuality on priority basis in time.