Village List
Name of the Block Name of the Grama Panchayat Name of the village
Jeypore Ambaguda Ambaguda
Jeypore Ambaguda Mazurmunda
Jeypore Anta Ananta
Jeypore Anta Bhurudiput
Jeypore Anta Damaput
Jeypore Anta Kankadahandi
Jeypore Anta Kolasahandi
Jeypore Anta Kumbharput
Jeypore Anta Prasanput Bayaguda
Jeypore Anta Raniput
Jeypore Anta Somadasput
Jeypore Badajiuna Badajiuna
Jeypore Badajiuna Dharnahandi
Jeypore Badajiuna Gunjiguda
Jeypore Badajiuna Podaikera
Jeypore Badajiuna Pushpuri
Jeypore Badajiuna Solopa
Jeypore Balia Balia
Jeypore Balia Bodoujei
Jeypore Balia Dambobissoiput
Jeypore Balia Kunturukhal
Jeypore Balia Sanoujei
Jeypore Balia Polkaput
Jeypore Barniput Balijodi
Jeypore Barniput Barniput
Jeypore Barniput Deoguda
Jeypore Barniput Mohulobhota
Jeypore Barniput Mundiguda
Jeypore Barniput Narapadarbagra
Jeypore Barniput Panangi R.F.
Jeypore Barniput Tadopani
Jeypore Dhanpur Bodokaudi
Jeypore Dhanpur Dhonopur
Jeypore Dhanpur Taragai
Jeypore Dhanpur Tatibeda
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Barangput
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Bhotachinchi
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Chandili
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Dongorchinchi
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Jogiput
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Jubakonadi
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Kanjeipatraput
Jeypore Dongorchinchi Mukhukhudupi
Jeypore Ekomba Bankobija
Jeypore Ekomba Ekomba
Jeypore Ekomba Gaganapur
Jeypore Godapodar Chotodiput
Jeypore Godapodar Dubuli
Jeypore Godapodar Godapodar
Jeypore Godapodar Hardoli
Jeypore Godapodar Kolaguda
Jeypore Godapodar Kota
Jeypore Godapodar Palliguda
Jeypore Hadia Bhatra
Jeypore Hadia Hadia
Jeypore Hadia Khairamundi
Jeypore Hadia Putra
Jeypore Hadia Sindhigam
Jeypore Jamunda Bodopada
Jeypore Jamunda Chikima
Jeypore Jamunda Jamunda
Jeypore Jamunda Jareikera
Jeypore Jamunda Telia
Jeypore Jayantigiri Chargam
Jeypore Jayantigiri Hadapa
Jeypore Jayantigiri Jayantigiri
Jeypore Jayantigiri Kandiput
Jeypore Jayantigiri Minaguda
Jeypore Jayantigiri Perahandi
Jeypore Kaliagam Ghatobagra
Jeypore Kaliagam Kaliagam
Jeypore Kaliagam Malidolaiput
Jeypore Kebidi Batojaganathpur
Jeypore Kebidi Kebidi
Jeypore Kebidi Kenduguda
Jeypore Kebidi Malikarchi
Jeypore Konga Khodopa
Jeypore Konga Konga
Jeypore Kumuliput Dangara
Jeypore Kumuliput Haridaput
Jeypore Kumuliput Kumuliput
Jeypore Phampuni Barlahandi
Jeypore Phampuni Ghirigam( Ghiuri)
Jeypore Phampuni Kumuliput
Jeypore Phampuni Phampuni
Jeypore Pujariput Phupugam
Jeypore Randapalli Balaput
Jeypore Randapalli Bisoiput
Jeypore Randapalli Boiragimotho
Jeypore Randapalli Keraput
Jeypore Randapalli Kondaput
Jeypore Randapalli Mulasoro
Jeypore Randapalli Ramogodo
Jeypore Randapalli Rondapali
Jeypore Randapalli Sanokaudi
Jeypore Randapalli Teliput
Jeypore Raniguda Biriphulgumma
Jeypore Raniguda Boriput
Jeypore Raniguda Dangarkarchi
Jeypore Raniguda Ranigada
Jeypore Raniguda Sandhaguda
Jeypore Raniguda Singibandha
Jeypore Raniguda Tingiriput
Jeypore Tankua Dimla
Jeypore Tankua Jaganathpur
Jeypore Tankua Mahaliaput
Jeypore Tankua Mondosil
Jeypore Tankua Padmapur
Jeypore Tankua Panasput Bagra
Jeypore Tankua Ronginiguda
Jeypore Tankua Tankua
Jeypore Tankua Thorodiput
Jeypore Umuri Mokaput
Jeypore Umuri Souraguda
Jeypore Umuri Umuri