Expenditure of Candidates

Expenditure of Candidates
Title Date Download/Link
Rama chandra pangi(145-Pottangi) 06/05/2019 Download(4 MB)
RAMA CHANDRA KADAM(145- Pottangi) 06/05/2019 Download(2 MB)
Pitam Padhi(145-Pottangi) 06/05/2019 Download(6 MB)
NANDIBALI CHAITANYA(145-Pottangi) 06/05/2019 Download(5 MB)
MURALUDHAR GUNTHA(145-Pottangi) 06/05/2019 Download(5 MB)
Krushna chandra jani(145-pottangi) 06/05/2019 Download(2 MB)
T.Garada BJP(144-Koraput) 06/05/2019 Download(8 MB)
Ram Barik SUCI(144-Koraput) 06/05/2019 Download(3 MB)
Raghuram Padal (144-Koraput) 06/05/2019 Download(5 MB)
N.K.Bagh Independent(144-Koraput) 06/05/2019 Download(3 MB)