The District Human Rights Protection Cell is functioning within the District Police Office and is headed by Dy.SP rank officer. It looks into petitions received from various quarters such as Women Commission, Human Rights Commission and Chief Ministers Office etc. The Cell is envisaged to timely address the issues relating human rights and grievances. The officers may be contacted in the address.


Joint Enquiry relating to atrocity cases on SC & ST (PoA) Act is BEING conducted by GO and Executive Magistrate and recommending compensation for the victim which are sending to the concerned quarters for sanction.


Petitions received from Higher Quarters as well as from general public are dealt in HRPC and have been categories as group “A” to “E” .Group “A” comprising of petitions received from NHRC, New Delhi, OHRC, Odisha, Bhubaneswar. Group “B”comprising of petitions received from CMs Office, Group “C”comprising of petitions received from Govt. and Higher quarters, Group “D” comprising petitions received from state commission for women, National commission for women, National commission for SC & ST and group “E” comprising petitions received from DM and other offices including general public . A separate register has alsobeen maintaining for the petition of general public appearing personally to redress their grievances. Separate petition registers for group “A” to “E” and Grievance petitions are being maintained. After receipt of petition the same are being entrusted to different officers for conduction enquiry and to submit enquiry report for onward transmission to concerned quarters as well as the Petitioner.


Time to time instructions received from National commission for SCs/STs, SC & ST Development Dept. and state police Headquarters for effective implementation of the act as well as for proper investigation and early disposal of pending cases.revised victim compensation are being timely circulated to all field functionary to sensitize the police officers to implement the instructions.


Dowry related crimes are being maintained at DHRPC and other offences under head Rape and Molestation are being maintained for crime under head Kidnapping/Abduction and Eve- Teasing.


Custodial death matters are also being maintained. The required information / reports are being sent to NHRC/ Govt. in stipulated period.