About Police

Security of Citizens is one of the most paramount responsibilities of the Police. The Police happen to be the most visible representatives of the Government engaged in discharging his important responsibility. Koraput District Police shall enforce the law of the land impartially and firmly without fear or favour, and strive to create a fear free environment i.e. conducive to growth and development. Koraput District Police will remain committed for maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime, maintaining and promoting communal harmony, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, and taking strong action against organized crime, anti-social/illegal activities/elements. The Koraput District Police is always alert to be most accessible and friendly to the people. We devote all efforts to provide special protection to various vulnerable groups like women, children and senior citizens as well. Enforcement of Law for protection of life, liberty and property of the citizens is one of the basic functions of the Koraput District Police.


Koraput Police has Helpline numbers through which people can seek help without going to the police station in person. The various Helpline numbers of Koraput Police are as follows;

  • Police Control Room- 100

Police has also launched the facility of registering Online FIR using the Citizen Portal Window.


Prevention of crime

  • Surveillance on criminals.
  • Monitoring of criminal antecedent records.
  • Beat patrolling, mobile and foot patrolling, surprise checks (Naka Bandis), combing operations and raids.
  • Introduction of PCR patrolling system in Jeypore area.
  • Participative policing at macro and micro level through Ama Police Project.
  • System of preventive action under the Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code and other preventive legislations; special care is taken of juvenile offenders and atrocities against weaker sections.

Detection of Crime

  • Investigation and prosecution of offenders.

Maintenance of Public Order

  • Maintenance of law and order during festivals, elections, communal and social disturbances, natural calamities.
  • Maintenance of Internal Security: VIP security and counter espionage.
  • Countering Left Wing Extremism in the area.

Other duties

  • Enquiring into non-cognizable cases, accidental deaths, accidental fires, etc.
  • Enquiring about missing persons.
  • Registration of foreign nationals and related enquiries.
  • Escorting the treasury, prisoners, juvenile offenders, run-away girls.
  • Verification of character, antecedents and records for issuance of passports, arms licenses and other licenses, for government employment, domestic servants whenever required, etc.
  • Implementation of various social legislations aimed for protecting the weaker sections of the society and monitoring their social status.


  • As members of Odisha Police we will strive to become an efficient, effective, responsive, people friendly, service oriented organization.
  • We will uphold the rule of law and be accountable to law of the land.
  • We will maintain public order, protect life and property of people, prevent and detect crime, promote communal harmony, counter any form of terrorism.
  • We will safeguard the human rights of the people with emphasis on safeguarding the interests of vulnerable sections including women, children, minorities, senior citizens, schedule castes, schedule tribes, the poor & other marginalized sections of the society.
  • We will maintain a higher standard of integrity than is generally expected of others because so much is expected of us.
  • We will constantly improve our professional knowledge, skill & attitude and adopt modern scientific method in our work.
  • We must strive to reduce the fear of the public and make Koraput a better & safer place to live in partnership with the community.