Grants Released to School under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Teaching Learning Materials (TLM):

      This grant released to Teachers of each school under S&ME, SSD and Aided Schools of @Rs.500/- per Teacher for preparation of no cost & low cost Teaching Learning Materials for the child

Repair & Maintenance (R&M) Grant:-

      To make classroom & school attractive and to make minor repair & maintenance an amount of Rs @5000.- per schools in having & less than 3 class room. Symontoniously @ 15000/- in which Primary / Upper primary section having more than 3 class room. In only Upper Primary section amount Rs 10000/- shall be released in having more than 3 class room has been provided to all schools under S&ME and SSD department.

School Improvement Grant(SIG):-

      To create schools environment more attractive & congenial its infrastructure development an amount of @Rs5000/- to Primary School and @ Rs7000/- Upper Primary Schools has been provided to all schools under S&ME and SSD department.

Teaching Learning Equipment Grant(TLE):-

      For purchase subject specific materials & equipment to new schools an amount Rs 20000/- per NPS& Rs50000/- per NUPS has been provided.

Grants Released to BRCC/CRCC under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan:

Contingency & TLM Grants to BRCCs& CRCCs

      To meet the requirement of BRCCs& CRCCs centers & purchase different Contingency provision of RS 50000/- per BRC & Rs 10000/- per CRC has been made

Other support to Schools under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Free Uniform to Girls

      Provision of free Uniform to all Girls of S&ME Department and Day Scholar Girls of SSD Department up to Class VII/VIII

Free Text Books

      Free Text Books are provided to all Children of SC,ST and all Girls of General Category of Government and Government aided School

Free Assistive Device to CWSN

     Assistive Devices such as Tricycle, Wheelchair, Hearing Aides, Walking Stick, Braille Books and Spectacles are provided to the Children of Special Needs

Reading Writing Materials

     Provision of Rs. 25.00 to purchase Reading Writing Material for each children of SC,ST and all Girl Children of General category.