In order to attract school children to classrooms and make the learning process joyful, check drop out of school children, system of activity learning & learning enhancement programme is being implemented in schools of Koraput District. The children are provided with Math Kit & Supplementary Reading Materials, Work Book & File, Folder by UNICEF and the process of self learning by the student & teacher working as facilitator for above learning process is being implemented in all schools.


    BaLA commotes Building as Learning Aid. It is introduced in construction works of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Koraput for the purpose of imparting practical knowledge to school children. It envisages that the school building is not just a structure of Cement & Mortar, it is a place where the child spends most of his & her valuable times. So the building & the environment of the school shall give additional learning values to school children. Inside the school the child can touch & feel concrete substance for knowledge. In many buildings paintings on walls, Grid Board, Window, Calculation coins, Doors & Windows with geometrical designs have been done.