Sl. No.


Sub-Section to which may be divided wherever necessary

Broad subjects to be dealt with


Civil Supplies

1. Food Grains

2. Other controlled commodities

3. Price Control

4. Sugar.



All Confidential matters.




  1. Agriculture
  2. Co-operation
  3. Education
  4. Embankments
  5. Fisheries
  6. Industries
  7. Lift Irrigation
  8. Local Development works
  9. Medicals
  10. Minor Irrigation Projects
  11. National Extension Services
  12. National Water Supply Scheme

  1. Planning
  2. Public Health
  3. Rural Communication
  4. Rural Electrification
  5. Rural Housing Scheme
  6. Sanitation
  7. Rural Water Supplies.
  8. Soil Conservation.
  9. Veterinary.
  10.  Works of outlays on improvement.


Public Information

1. Right to Information.


1. Municipalities.

2. Notified Area Councils.


Gen.& Misc.


3. Follow up Notes on Inspection Note.

4. Inspection.

5. Local Delivery of daks.

6. Maintenacne of primary receipt register.

7. Meetings, Committee and conference.

8. Miscellaneous matters not dealt in any other section of district Office.

9. Registration of Societies.

10. Issue of ‘C’ Certificate.

11. Registration of Nears papers, periodicals etc.


Land Records

  1. Administration of Orissa Survey and Settlement.
  2. Boundary disputes.
  3. Change in boundaries of districts, sub-divisions, Tahasils and Police Stations, Villages and other administrative units.
  4. Declaration of village.
  5. Maintenance of Land Records.
  6. Traverse  Survey.



  1. Catelogue.
  2. Issue of Books and Particulars.
  3. Posting of correction slips.


Forest Settlement

1. Declaration of Reserve Forest and protected Forest and matters incidental thereto.


Record Room & Copying

1. Record Room

1. Destruction of Records.

2. Preservation of Gazzettes

3. Preservation of Registers

4. Quinquennial revision of permanent records.

5. Receipt and issue of cash records.

6. Receipt and issue of correspondence records.

7. Transfer of records to the State acrhieves.

2. copying

1. Application for copies.

2. Grant of Copies.



  1. Abatement of Land revenue
  2. Administration of Orissa Irrigation Act.
  3. Annual verification of revenue accounts.
  4. Assessment of compulsory basic water rate and water rate.
  5. Audit report and audit objections relating to revenue receipts.
  6. Cess valuation and revaluation.
  7. D.C.B of land revenue and Cess
  8. Implementation of the rules of the manual of Tahasil accounts.
  9. Recovery of outstanding land revenue and cess dues from the ex-intermediaries.
  10. Remission of land revenue.
  11. suspension of land revenue.


Dist. Small Savings

1. Mobilisation of Small Savings Scheme among the beneficiaries.

2. Collection of Small Savings data from post offices & submission of periodical reports, returns to higher authorities.

3. Preparation of Budget.

4. Issue of Small Savings incentive Schemes, Lottery coupons to public.


Dist. Planning

1. Field investigation, preparation of Reports & returns on MPLAD, supervision work, DPC meeting, DPC election & preparation of annual district plan & five years plan etc.

2. Preparation of Maps, Charts etc.

3. Correspondence on RLTAP, MLALAD & sanction thereof.


Dist. Sports

1. To organize different sports activities in the district.


Name of the Section

Name of the Dealing Asst.

To deal with Subject


Sri.Khitiswar Dhungia,H.C.



Sri.Laxman Saunta,Jr.Clerk

Preservation of records,distribution of records, copying,library,Boundary dispute,Land Pass Book,Computerisation of L.P.B.,ITP under Gramsat,consolidated of Annual Report,survey marks, G.T.station, boundary pillers,disposal of mutation cases, correction of ROR/Maps disposal of Be-bandobasta cases


Sri.Sunakar Rout,H.C.



Sri Santosh Patnaik,Sr.Clerk

Correspondence on Industry, Horticulture, Soil onservation,Plantation,Agriculture,Tour diaayr of D.L.O.s assumption of charges, coffee plantation, cashew plantation,office establishment, Block establishment, Parameter,Focus on village, Jana Sampark Sibir,RGVY, Education, A/R & I/R,BGJY Receipt & Issue,correspondence on Fisheries, cooperative, Bank,Irrigation, RMC, Health, Veterinary, Pani Panchayat,Road & Building, PL Account, BKBY, Inspection of own section & higher authorities,Rural electrification, Pending list & MPR of Dev.Section.


Jagannath Pradhan,HC














Gen. & Misc.

Padarabinda Mishra,Sr.Clerk

ULBs,DUDA,fallow up an inspection note of higher authorities,Collector&ADM Preparation of inspection program on Collector&ADM Meeting Committee & Conference,Misc.matters not dealt in any other  sec. of of societied under S.R.Act. Monthly staff meeting


Gouri Das,Sr.Clerk

Grievance,Issue of C Certificate Regn of News Papers,periodical etc. Settlement of DP Tenements,R.T.I. Act. Permission of deposit of duplicate keys.

Small Savings

Santosh Pattanik

Appointment  Renewal of postal agent, expenditure statement,MPR,Distrubution of Prize money,issue of lottery coupons under postal saving scheme Bill & Budget,Fixation of target to Subdivisions.

Audit Cell

Saroj Ku.Padhi

Audit Report,Inspection report relief account,CAG Report,Census

Office Supdt.





Primary Issue Work of Collectorate.


Smt.Bithika Mohanty,Jr,Clerk

Primarry Receipt  of letters.

Civil Supply

Binayak Nayak,HC




PDS & Misc.correspondence and cash


Bhagirathi Nayak,Sr.Clerk

Establishment & Enforcement





Manas Patnaik



Lingaraj Panigrahi



Smt.Rasmita Mishra



Gobinda Parida




Establishment matters of office Estt. field staff


Binayak Sahu

Receipt & Issue, G.P.Audit. Computer & Type writing


Sl. No.

Name of the Deputy Collector Collectors

Section assigned




  1. Establishment
  2. Judicial
  3. P.I.O




  1. Revenue
  2. S.L.R
  3. Touzi




  1. Election
  2. Emergency
  3. Literacy
  4. G & M.




  1. Nizarat
  2. Audit
  3. Forest settlement.




1. Land Acquisition




            *          One Ayurvedic Dispensary is functioning out of District Red Cross Fund to provide consultancy and medicine on free of cost to poor people of  our district.  The Staff engaged for the purpose are One Ayurvadic Doctor & One  Attendant.. The dispensary is a unique of its kind.  A new herbal anti malaria medicine named OMARIA which has been invented by Mr. Deepak Batcharjya is being distributed to malaria affected people as and when required.  The capsul has very potent anti- malaria effect with no side effect in prophylactic and curative and result is quick and smooth recovery.   Dr. Prasant Pradhan who is the  doctor of the dispensary has also made an experimental application on the malaria affected people villages named Badamput, Gunthaguda and Mundaguda of Koraput Block. More than 90% of the patients could be cured from Malaria.


*          One Allopathy Dispensary has been functioning  at Aligam  and the salary of the staff are borne by I.R.C.S. State Branch, Bhubaneswar.  One Pharmacist, One Attendant and one Watcher are working  in the dispensary.


Staff Position :

1.                  Sri A. K. Sadangi, Pharmacist.

2.                  Sri M. C. Lenka, Attendant

3.                  Sri G. Raghunath, Watcher


                        ALOK’ The Resource Centre for the Persons With Disabilities is a registered organization established by the District Administration under the chairpersonship of Collector and some other district level officers as ex-officio members on 22nd January, 2000. .It is the only institution of this kind in this region.  Since its inception, the organization is dedicated to the all-round development and rehabilitation of the Persons With Disabilities through different institutions running under the organisaion.


                        ‘MANAS’ ’is the education and Vocational Training Centre for the Mentally Challenged  established by the organization at the district headquarter on 7th March, 2001 for brightening the future of the Mentally Challenged Persons of this region.





1.   Name of the Institute                 MANAS

                                                                        Education & Vocational Training Centre

                                                                        For the Mentally Challenged, Koraput.


2.         Established by                          DISRICT ADMINISTRATION

                                                                        Under the Banner of “ALOK”

                                                                        (Resource Centre for the Persons

                                                                        with Disability)

                                                                        Collectorate, Koraput.


3.         Date of Inception                                  7th March 2001.

4.         Regd. No.                                            KPT 3009-9/2000-2001


5.         Management Committee:


            1.         Collector, Koraput                               Chairperson

            2.         P.D., DRDA, Koraput                          Vice-Chairperson

            3.         D.S.W.O., Koraput                              Member Convenor

            4.         A.D.M. , Koraput                                Member

            5.         C.D.M.O., Koraput                             Member

            6.         Sub-Collector, Koraput                        Member

            7.         Sub-Collector, Jeypore             Member

            8.         Tahasildar, Narayanapatna                    Member

            9.         B.D.O., Nandapur                                Member          

            10.       CDPO, Semiliguda                               Member

            11.       D.I. of Schools, Koraput                      Member

            12.       D.I. of Schools, Jeypore                       Member

            13        Sri Bhagaban Giri,                                Member

                        Principal, MANAS.

            14.       Sri P.K. Swain, Teacher                       Member

            15.       Dr. Kamakhya, Pr. Das,                       Member

                        Lect. Women’s College, Koraput.


6.         Beneficiaries : -

(i)                  Number of Students                        -           76

(ii)                Total Staff employed.                      -           16


7.         Building :

                        The building has been constructed by the DRDA, Koraput during the year 2000-2001.  They have handed over it on 7th March, 2001.

8.         Service Programmes being offered:

(i)                  Special Education.

(ii)                Home-based training Programme.

(iii)               Vocational Training.

(iv)              Psychological Service.

(v)                Parents Counselling.

(vi)              Drugs Distribution.

9.         Financial Assistance :


                        So far as financial assistance is concerned, funds to the tune of Rs. 20,000/- approximately per month is being spent for the maintenance of the institution as well payment of staff salary which is being provided by Indian Red Cross Society, District Branch, Koraput and yearly audited by the Chartered Accountant.

10.       Requirements:


(i)                  Sanction of adequate grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.

(ii)                Appointment of adequate staff.

(iii)               Provision of playground, road and street light.

(iv)              Construction of additional vocational rooms.

(v)                Construction of additional class-rooms and hostel rooms.

(vi)              Additional Vocation unit (Book binding and cutting unit)

(vii)             Computer with multimedia

(viii)           Alienation of land in favour of the institution.

(ix)              Vehicle for pickup the day scholars from the town procurement of raw materials from the nearby market, disposal of finished products to the market, taking students to the medical and other official purposes.

(x)                Construction of boundary wall

(xi)              Creation or revolving fund for the institution.

(xii)             Provision of Children Park for the students.


11.       Different measures to be taken for improvement of the institution.

(i)         Identification of donors for their benevolent donation.

(ii)        Construction of market complex or additional rooms for hiring purpose

(iii)       Plantation of fruit bearing plants.

(iv)       Additional Vocational trades for income generating purpose.

(v)        Marketing of finished vocational products.

12.       Future Proposals to be adopted :

(i)         Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for the Disabled.

(ii)        Shelter Workshop.




1.         Name of the School      :                       School for the Blind, Koraput


2.         Year of Establishment   :                       05.9.1983.

3.         Managed by                             :           Red Cross & Rotary Society for the                                                                                   Handicapped, Koraput.           

4.         President                                  :           Collector, Koraput.

5.         Secretary                                  :           Dist. Social Welfare Officer, Koraput.

6.         No. of Classes              :                       Class PP to Class –X

                                                                         i.e. 11 Classes.

7.         Vocational Education                :           Craft and Music

8.         Student Strength                                   :           74

9.         Staff

(i)         Teaching                                               :           11

(ii)        Non-Teaching                          :                       07

10.       Building Position

(i)         Class Room                                          :           11

(ii)        Office Room                             :                       01

(iii)       Hostel                                      :                       05

(iv)       Library room                            :                       01

(v)        Kitchen                                                :           01

(vi)       Computer Room                                   :

(vii)      Store Room                                          :           01


11.       Functioning of School               :-:         The School is functioning from Class

                                                                        Preparatory to Class X..                                   Students                       :-                                  74 Nos.                                                 

            Session                         ;-                      Enrolled during Educational session.                              Open                            :-             The School has got permission

            Deptt.                                       :-          W& C.D.

            Recognitions.    :-                                  during the year 1996.  The

                                                                        Recognition for class IX and X

                                                                        By the Board of Secondary Education is

                                                                        Yet to be received.


12.       Educational Facilities                 :The classes are being conducted regularly

from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM.  The      teachers        are following prescribed syllabus of the Board of Secondary Education, Orissa.


13.       Vocational Education                :Vocational Training such as Music and

Craft is also being imparted to the Blind

Students for their self-rehabilitation.



·        The school has been up-graded to High School Standard as per approval of Govt. in W. & C.D. Deptt. Vide letter No. 12361 Dt. 20.9.1996 and Six batches of students have appeared H.S.C. Examination and all have come out successful.

·        The Students of this Institution attended All India Multi-lingual Drama Competition at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack during the year 1993 and won the prize.

·        Received State Level Red Cross Award and Rs. 5,000/- in cash from His Excellency Governor of Orissa in the field of out-standing achievements in Sports and Games and on the occasion of ‘Utkala Divasa’ celebration at Bhubaneswar 2004.

·        Received Award from the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Orissa on the occasion of World Disabled Day ceremony at Bhubaneswar for the best Cricketer of the year 2004.

·        Selected for National Cricket Team for the Blind to participate in National Challenge Trophy Tournament for the Blind at Ahemadabad from 22nd November to 25th November,2004.

·        Represent Orissa as Vice-Captain in East Zone Cricket Championship for the Blind at Cuttack, 2003.

·        Received 3rd Prize for First All Orissa Chess Championship Tournament for the Blind at Bhubaneswar on 03.12.2004 from Smt. Aparajita Sagangi, IAS, Director W. & C.D. Deptt., Orissa.

·        Received consecutively three times Runner’s up prize for All Orissa Cricket Tournament for the Blind at Bhubaneswar from 2002 to 2004



            Koraput region being the mosaic of tribal life and culture and heritage of the country, specific emphasis is being given to highlight the cultural heritage through PARAB.  The annual festival of Koraput district is organized to establish it as National Festival of indigenous people and festival of tribals aiming to attract large number of tourist both domestic and foreign with the above objectives, Parab is being organized by the District Council of Culture, Koraput during the month of October-November every year. It’s inception date back to the year 1996.