The jurisdiction of Mining Office, Koraput is un-divided Koraput district i.e. Koraput, Rayagada, Malkangiri & Nabarangpur. These districts are known from its vastness and Geological diversities. Out of the above districts, the important economic mineral deposits of Koraput district are Bauxite, Manganese, Graphite, Chinaclay, Nepheline Syenite, Quartz and Gemstones. Besides above, occurrence of Granites (Black & Coloured decorative stones) are also found in some parts of the district. Gemstone occurrences have been discovered in Koraput.



    Deposits of Bauxite have been found in different part of Pottangi, Narayanapatna, Nandapur, Laxmipur & Dasmanthpur Tahsil in flat topped hills namely Panchpatmali, Maliparbat, Balda(Nagasari R.F.), Kodingamali & Kornaparhikonda (Pindamali P.F.) comes within Koraput District. The Bauxite reserves in Panchpatmali are of the largest single deposits in the World and two Mining Leases for Bauxite has been granted & executed in favour of M/s National Aluminum Co. Ltd over 3403.183 for Central & North Block and 1244.041 Hects. for South Block in Panchapatmali Platue of M/s National Aluminum Company Ltd. a Public Sector Enterprise is the main producer of Bauxite in Koraput, at Damanjodi. During the year, 2009-2010 M/s NALCO Ltd. has raised & despatched 4878888 M.T. from their Panchpatmali (Central & North Block) Bauxite mine and paid royalty of Rs.48,69,06,479.00 Another mine (South Block) of Panchapatmali is kept reserved for future exploitation. Similarly, another Mining Lease for Bauxite has been granted & executed in favour of M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd over 268.110 Hectares. The mining operation is started since January, 2010 and dispatched about 10458.540 M.T. by Rail to Renukot in U.P. for extraction of Alumina Powder and thereafter the same is being utilized at Hirakud, Dist-Sambalpur,Orissa.


    It occupies second position so far mineral deposit is concerned in the district. Deposits of Limestone have been found in Umpavally area under Pottangi tahsil of Koraput District. Two Mining Leases for Lime stone has been granted & executed in favour of M/s Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd over 1300.790 Hectares and M/s Industrial Development Corporation Ltd of Orissa over 285.429 Hectares of Koraput District. Basing on the Ampavally Lime stone Mines of M/s Orissa Mining Coprporation Ltd, 2 to 3 Calcinations Unit may set-up in Koraput District.


     The occurrences of Manganese in Kutinga-Devijholla are not much economic adjacent to Podokona-Taldorshi belt of Rayagada District.