Procedure of obtaining a miscellaneous and other certificates :-

   Various Miscellaneous Certificates as mentioned below, which are very mush essential now a days for different purposes can be obtained, following the procedure as detailed below.

1.Identity Certificate (Form No. II)
2. Resident/Nativity Certificate (Form No.III)
3. Legal Heir Certificate (Form No. IV)
4. Income Certificate (Form No. V)
5. Solvency Certificate (Form No.VI)
6. Other Certificates.

   For any of the certificates mentioned above, one has to apply to the local Tahsildar/ Addl. Tahsildar in form No.1 directly or through the local Revenue Inspector. On receipt of the application, the Tahsildr/Addl. Tahsildar himself may conduct an enquiry into the eligibility of the applicant or direct the Revenue Inspector concerned for an enquiry. After the enquiry, Tahsildar/ Addl. Tahsildar will issue the certificate applied for in favour of the eligible applicant. An applicant is expected to get the certificate applied for within 7 days time.