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Savara Shrikhetra, Koraput

        The District headquarters situated 2,900 ft. above sea level. Also known as “Sabar Shrikshetra”, the modern Jagannath Temple has come up on a hilltop.The Tribal Museum behind the temple caters to and educates the tourists about the culture and heritage of the tribals.

Duduma Waterfall, Machkund

       The majestic waterfall, also known as “Matsya Tirtha” falls from a height of 175 meters. A hydro - electric project with its winch developed amidst deep greenery is a place for pleasure.Three KMs away from Duduma waterfall, a small village of Ankadeli draws the attention of foreign tourists to its weekly markets on Thursdays where the most primitive tribe “the Bondas”, come from the remote, inaccessible dense forest.Jolaput is known for its newly constructed dam reservoir. The lake formed by the dam is 68.2 Sq. Kms. It’s a picnic spot, 77 Kms from Koraput.

Gupteswar Temple:

        Important cave shrine of Lord Shiva situated on a lime stone hill on the bank of river Kolab, surrounded by natural Scenery. The sacred “Lingam” called Gupteswar, literally meaning, “Hidden God”, is also popularly known as “Gupta Kedar” in Chattisgarh. Shivaratri is the major festival which attracts a large umber of visitors.


        A village stands between Koraput and Sunabeda by the side of NH 43. The famous Sri Ram Temple situated in the locality is widely known for the highest kneeling Hanuman Statue in Orissa. Shree Ram Navami festival is popularly celebrated every year which attracts a large number of devotees.


        The ancient capital of Jeypore estate, attracts a number of visitors to witness the Batrisa Sinhasan, an object of interest. The 1.8 meters image of Ganapati speaks of ancient heritage of the place. The shrines of Sarbeswar and its inscriptions point to the antiquities of the place

Jain Statue

        A roadside village between Semiliguda and Nandapur with remains of an old Jain monastery. The place invites the attention of the antiquarian for exploration.


        A Govt. Museum with antiquities and craft works, mostly famous for Jain iconography. It is located in the town hall complex, close to the Govt. bus stand. Jain imaged are found at several places of the district.

Kolab Dam

        Kolab-At an altitude of about 3000 ft. above sea level on river Kolab, stands the majestic Kolab Reservoir generating Hydro Electric Power. The place is highly admired for its scenic beauty, attracting people for weekend picnic and boating.


        The town came to limelight with the coming up of NALCO, Asia’s biggest Alumina Complex Nearby stands the highest peak of Orissa, Damanjodi an ideal place for trekking


        35 Kms eastwards of Jeypore, is a small village where on a hill top stands India’s highest broad gauge Railway tunnel. The place is ideal for weekend picnic


        The city of victory and the palace of erstwhile Jeypore estate. The old fort is incircled by high masonary wall with an imposing gateway. A mile and a half wide great water tank, west of the town, known as Jagannath Sagar, is ideal for water sports. Jeypore, developed as the center of trade in Koraput district, is also famous for paper mask crafts.

Tribal Museum

        Tribal Museum:The Tribal Museum behind the temple caters to and educates the tourists about the culture and heritage of the tribals