ROAD PROJECTS (Rs. in lakhs)
Name of the Work  Project Cost Agency
Agrt amount/
Funds received Expenditure incurred  Physical Taget Physical Achievement Remarks
Improvement to Jeypore-Kotta-Malkangiri-Motu Road from 0/0Km to 21/0Km   under Vijayawada Ranchi Corrider out of SARCA Fund. A.A accorded for Rs.39.2853 Crores vide UOR No.93/PL dt.06.07.09 P & C Deptt. And communicated to C.E (DPI & R) vide letter No.10030 dt.18.08.09 of Works Department. ARSS Infrastrure projects Ltd.
- - 17.085Km
(7.00 Mtr widening)
1 No. H.L Bridge,
Box Cell Bridge=7Nos.,
RCC Culvert=34 Nos.
& HPC=19 Nos.
Widening of formation
=4.00 Km
H.P Culvert=4 Nos.
RCC Culvert=3 Nos. Work in progress.
Work in progress.
Construction of H.L Bridge over River Telguri at 13th Km of Borigumma-Kamta-Kumuli Road (ODR) (such as 7 spans of 35.00 Mtr C/C and 2 Box Cell of 8.00 Mtr x 7.00 Mtr ) under SARCA Fund. A.A for Rs.1459.53 lakhs accorded by Works Department  vide Lr No.10546 dt.05.06.08 - 100.00 - 1No. H.L Bridge with 2Nos. Box Cell. - Tender approved by Works Deptt. and yet to be accepted by C.E (DPI & R), Odisha, Bhubaneswar