Introduction Objectives Implementing Agencies Organisation Committee Programme Components
Basic Information Demography Allotment & Expenditure Achievement

         To achieve the goal the Programme will:
  1. build the capacity of marginal groups as individual and grass root institution.

  2. enhance the access of poor tribal people to land water and forest and increase the productivity of these resources in environmentally sustainable and socially equitable ways;

  3. encourage and facilitate off-farm enterprise development focused on the needs of poor tribal households;

  4. monitor the basic food entitlements of tribal households and ensure their access to public food supplies;

  5. strengthen the institutional capacity of government agencies, Panchayati Raj Institutions, NGOs and civil society to work effectively on a participatory mode for poverty reduction with tribal communities;

  6. encourage the development of a pro-tribal enabling environment through ensuring that legislation governing control of and access to, development resources by poor tribal households is implemented effectively and recommending other policy improvements;

  7. build on the indigenous knowledge and values of tribal and blend these with technological innovations to ensure a speedier pace of development.