Turmeric Collection

Cultivation of Turmeric is one of the livelihood activities of tribal people in Laxmipur block of Koraput turmericdistrict. The cultivated variety locally called “Keskeri veriety” that is sown is harvested once in every two years. It is mainly cultivated in the medium land and it is organic in nature.

Last year DSMS took the initiative for turmeric collection through the SHG network. First we had gone for the analytical test of dry stick turmeric and send the sample to Spices Board, Govt of India, Cochin. After its analytical turmerictest Spices Board certified that curcumin content of this Keskeri variety is more than 5.5%. In the global market the quality of turmeric is adjudged by its curcumin content. High Cur cumin content means it has medicinal value that suits for preparation of medicinal and herbal products. Last year we have collected 1000 quintals of turmeric involving 10 nos of SHGs. We have identified the buyers from Kerala, Vishakapattanam, Chennai, and Raipur and sold it in bulk amount to highest paying buyer.

Prior to our intervention the farmers used to sell the turmeric Rs.30-35 per kg to local traders but after getting certified from Spices Board groups sold it Rs. 60 per kg to the buyer identified by us. All the turmericgroups received good amount of profit within the span of 3 months working time. This year also 1000 quintals of Turmeric has been collected by 22 SHGs and the material is stocked for taking up processing. The groups are sure to get profit of at least Rs. 4000/quintal looking at the present market rates.