Observations and Constraints

  1. Arhar cultivation is mainly done by ST community and collection and processing are done by both SC & ST Self Help Groups (SHGs).
  2. Farmers do not use any chemical or fertilizer in cultivating Arhar/Kandul.
  3. Harvesting time of Kandul is end of January month.
  4. Some producer groups are involved in processing activity and other processing groups procure Kandul directly from farmers or local traders.
  5. Dal processing activity has helped primary producers/cultivators in getting higher and fair price as the groups are directly procuring Kandul from the producers.
  6. 2-3 SHGs are involved in one Dal processing unit.
  7. This year groups purchased the raw Kandul @ Rs 40- 42 per kg and the selling price of processed Dal is Rs 75 per kg.
  8. Fluctuation in production of Kandul due to climate change is one of the constraints in this activity.
  9. Lack of storage facility at SHG level hamper the procurement of Kandul and storage of processed Dal.
  10. Delay in milling of Kandul due to regular maintenance of Dal machine as the machines have depreciated its value.