Koraput district is known for its vast forest reservoir and non timber forest products are major source of livelihood of rural people of this area. Hill broom grasses are available in plenty in some region of this broomdistrict. People are traditionally engaged in this activity. Tribal people collect the grasses and sell it to local traders at low price or some people make the binding of broom with siali rope and sell it in local hat.


  1. Harvesting time of hill broom in the month of January –February
  2. After drying weight loss of grass is 20%
  3. Most of the raw materials are being sold in raw form rather than finished product
  4. Lack of proper storage facility as raw materials are being destroyed by predators
  5. Lack of adequate support system for its production and marketing
  6. Imperfect market information and distress sale condition with an exploitative price spell by middlemen at various stages of trading.
  7. Limitation in the variety of finished products results in difficulty to identify the buyers for the marketing of the same.